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Striving to be the Very Best

Established and incorporated in the year 2007, Sada Foods is known as a very strong brand for quality products. Sada Foods is a young, energetic, and ever-growing company offering unique food products to mainly the province of Quebec & Ontario.
Each product is produced with stringent quality controls to ensure that our products are of high quality and meet customer expectations. Backed with a group of creative and innovative employees, our company continues to search for improvement and innovation of new food products and ideas to make it highly appreciated by our customers. One of the factors contributing to the company’s unprecedented success is the superior quality products and price. Our growth and success can also be attributed to the continued support and cooperation of our customers and suppliers. For this, we would like to express our sincere appreciation.

Product Range:
- We provide paramount quality products to our clients, such as;
- Yellow basmati long grain rice,

- Shrimp white scented rice Hom Mali,

- Jasmine scented rice;

- White rice unscented;

- Beans and Lentils;
- Yellow Corn Grits;
- Bulgur Wheat;

- Oatmeal & flour;

- Semolina & couscous;
- Spice blends;

- Spices assorted varieties;
- Cassava (yucca) Bread;
- Beverages and Juices;
- Tomato Paste;

- Laundry detergent;
- And much more...

The entire range of food products marketed under brand name Sada has gained us an extensive recognition for their consistency in taste and flawless quality.

Our Team:
We possess a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to their work. Regular training sessions enhance their skill sets. Apart from internal training, our team’s working in close coordination with the clients also expands their understanding, thus extending their product and market knowledge.

Sada Foods is a quality conscious company, with a focus on quality. Thus, we follow the total quality control management system and have formulated certain objectives to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Starts at the Top:
We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate customer needs as well as respond to requests. We constantly re-evaluate our procedures, looking for ways to serve our clients better and faster. This “culture of continuous improvement” starts at the very top of our organization and is instilled in each and every employee.

Why Us?
- Aspects that have contributed to our success are:
- Quality Products
- Competitive Pricing
- Timely Delivery
- Qualified Customer Service
- Quality is our Passion!

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